• About our Founder, Smt. M.S Saiprabha

    Smt. M.S Saiprabha, fondly known as Mamatha Madam to everyone was born on January 5th 1953 in Bangalore to Mr. M N Sheshadri Setty, an Executive Engineer in PWD and M S Subhalakshmmama, she completed her schooling in St Philomena's Convent, Hassan & St Paul's Convent, Davanagere. She has to her credit of passing the SSLC examination at the age of 13 years! She completed her Pre-University at Maharanis College, did her B.Sc. from BMS College for women, Bangalore. She completed her Master's in Education from Bangalore University in the year 1973- a rare feat for a woman in those days! A skilled Dancer and with an interest in Music, she was trained by the renowned Dance Maestro Sri.Muthaiahpillai. Twinklers School, JES institutions is only a mirror image of her love for kids and her dedication towards education.

    About our Logo Information

    Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Sky- The five elements that make up the entire universe are the very elements that form our Logo too.
    The Four houses of Twinklers - Agni, Vayu, Jala and Prithvi that combine to form the shield in the middle of our Logo, the encircling words - Empowerment, Confidence and Holistic Approach and our mission statement: Vidya Dadaati vinayam are a meaningful collage of our vision towards your kids: The shield formed by the unity of the four elements symbolizes the power of Unity - Unity that no single element, a single group can exist on its own, yet is a very significant individual player in the big picture. The background that symbolizes sky, space, the universe means that "Education is Every Child's Right" something that Smt. Saiprabha, my mother believed in. We, at Twinklers, JES institutions, work day and night to extend and reach quality education to all children at affordable costs. The three words: Empowerment, Confidence and Holistic Approach that surround the Logo literally are the guiding forces that envelope each student here at Twinklers. Empowerment through Education, Confidence through Knowledge and an overall Holistic Approach in training each kid, are the guiding forces that lead each teacher and staff members at Twinklers. Finally, Vidya Dadaati Vinayam. If Education cannot make you humble, then to avail will such education be?